I’m curretly using MS Word and Excel to create and manage my mailing lists. These tools are very labor and time intesive.

What are you guys using? I would appreciate some software suggestions.

Use Access, especially it is very easy to import all your current data from Excel to Access. Remember, however, that all data entering is usually tedious and annoying task. If you don’t want to do it, you should hire someone to do it for you, but human error is always a factor – you should check all data entered. There will be mistakes. And not because of some bad data entering person, it just what it is.

why is it so labor intensive for you

once you do the initial sort and sifting then you just use the same list.

Unless you are downloading new records each time

what part of the process is the most labor intensive?

Thank you for the replies. The entire process seem tedious. I import fresh records daily( I get daily data from Recorder’s office) into access, which I then export into an excel spreadsheed for analysis and formating.

Once I have analyzed the data and determined which records I will target, I begin the mail-merge process in Word.

It’s just that it’s taking me anywhere from 3 to 4 hours daily to generate a mailing from end-to-end (data scrubbing, letter stuffing etc.)

You guys may be right, I may just have to train someone to do get this done for me.

why are you pulling records daily? are these foreclosures?

I’m a software guy by trade, and I started out using Word, Excel and Outlook to manage my direct mail - it drove me crazy! I bought a software program created by an investor called “RealProspect Pro” and I haven’t looked back. This program has allowed me to save HOURS and concentrate on more important activities.

As an example, I have an independent contractor download the foreclosure lists from a website in csv format, use an Excel macro to remove fields that I don’t need, then the lists are sent to me in csv format to load into RealProspect. From there I print my personalized letters and envelopes in a handwritten font, have my wife stuff the envelopes, and they’re in the mail the next day. I spend about 2 hrs a week setting things up and I’m out of the picture.

Here are some of the features of RealProspect:

  • Create mailing campaigns and be reminded of campaign activities automatically
  • Categorize prospects (e.g. pre-foreclosure, out-of-town, expired listings, etc)
  • Load prospects using csv format or manually enter them
  • Print envelopes and labels
  • Attach documents to prospect records
  • Manage buyers lists
  • Analyze cash deals
  • Print reports
  • and more

My response rate has improved because my mailings are more consistent than when I used previous methods.

Surprisingly, the software wasn’t very expensive - about $500 when I purchased it a year or so ago. I just checked the site, and it looks like it’s selling now for $247 - that’s an absolute steal in my book. I get upgrades with new features at least once a month, and it just keeps getting better.

Here is the website address:

I may sound like a pitchman for this company, but I have no vested interest. I’m just thrilled with how much time I’ve gotten back by not having to worry about mundane tasks.


bcinvest!! U da mannnn…(or woman, whichever)

This appears to be exactly what I was looking for!! Exactly: I just want to dump fresh data into the application as I get it, and then run the mail campaign activities schedules. Brilliant!!

Many thanks,

I’m glad I could be of service. If you end up buying the software, you’ll find that the author is very responsive to questions and suggestions.

Good luck!


Looks like a nice system, I will have to start letting my customers know about it since it would be of use to them.

Richard Stephens

Shaun G here in Boise, ID.
I can testify that I use Real Prospect and it works great. I am just now setting it up on a server computer so me and my assistant can access the date at the same time.
Well worth the cost…one deal pays for this and it saves so much time.

Shaun G