Mail in Bids

Can you mail in bids in the state of Texax since I’m sure some investors live out of state? Does it vary county to county and the best thing to do is call that specific county and ask?
Deb in NC

Howdy Deb:

It has been my experience that you must be at the auction to bid. I saw some dudes with fancy computers and a web site trying to start a bidding company where you bid on their site and then they bid to get the deal for you. Their fees were high and I do not think they are still around but I am not sure. I will try to find out more for you. It may be wort looking into. I believe they were trying to do several large cities including here in Austin.

As a side note you can bid on property that the county owns that did not sell at the courthouse sale, at least here in Travis County. You actually send one of their forms and a cashiers check and if you are successful you will own the parcel.

Hope this helps some

Ted is correct. Texas does not allow mail in bidding for the primary sale. You can send your bid in for ‘struck off’ properties.