mail carriers

what’ the best way to get mail carriers to help me find leads??

Ask them. Just ask, “I buy houses and pay finders fees. Do you know of any really junky or vacant houses in the area?” Try the same with the UPS, FedEx, pizza delivery, and those annoying door-hanger guys. Tell them you’ll give them $10 per house and $500-1000 if you buy it. Ask them to tell their buddies and you’ll give their buddies the same deal plus $250 for them. Adjust the numbers for your part of the country.

is there a remote way to get in touch with these folks since i dotn work at home ?

One way to get in touch with the postman is to mail an oversized postcard with the message in big letters on both sides. Then put it in your mailbox. Do it as often as you can. The postman will look at everyone of them. Eventually he’ll start to get the message. Mail it to yourself so he’ll look at it at least twice maybe four times (picking it up, emptying his bag, filing it when it comes back, and dropping it off at your house).

You could also mail it to a house in all the carrier routes in your farm area. The postal carriers in each area will see them over and over. You could rotate houses so you don’t slam one resident.

that;s a hot idea.
thanks k

as a driver for the brown co we can tell you what house is fixer upper but - at least in my area- we can not pinpoint abandoned houses as they dont recieve delivery or the reciever pick them up,I think mailcarrier is the best person for that assignment because of all the junk mail tha goes unremoved. regardless Kawica _ca gave had an excellent Idea .my .02