Magnetic Signs. Any luck

I am starting to Wholesale looking for marketing ides for sellers. Has anyonne had any luck with Magnetic car signs. What do they say?

oops. i missed your post, and just asked same question.
one of the programs i have says to se them even though they are tacky in appearance. she says to put something like “cash for your house, contact number”. nothing too wordy as people see them as they are driving.
a speaker at a rei meeting said they weren’t worth it.
that’s why i’m asking. i heard that bandit signs on the web have the cheapest ones.

So I guess they are not worth it. Just going off the no response???


Anything is worth it… Look at it like this you spend $100-200 on a couple of signs it brings in one deal a year that makes you $10k-$100k the R.O.I. was huge!

That’s true



Here are a few good vendors:

I bought mine from and they were $38.95/pair. I haven’t gotten a deal yet, but they do catch eyes. I’ve had folks looking to buy houses stop me at gas stations and see if I had anything to sell. i know eventually I’ll get a deal it’s just a matter of time.

I got one pair from this website they are the best! They do free design for you! And I will order one bumper sticker-magnet.
And I paid only $49 for 12x24 2 full color laminated magnetic signs! This is the best advertising purchase I ever made!.

I was just gonna say the same thing. 8)

I measure the effectiveness of marketing on the number of hits and deals. If something only got me 1 deal per year even if it only cost me $100 I’d say it was ineffective and wouldn’t do it again. It’s very difficult if not impossible to measure your marketing based on the quality of the deal it brought in because there all different, i.e- some months it may give a 100% ROI some months it will be 10000% ROI.

Vehicle magnets don’t bring in deal after deal because they are typically very boring, unattractive, overlooked, and everyones got them. Also the ones on the side of your car aren’t going to be read while your driving by either passing cars or people beside the road. In a parking lot betwen 2 cars, no one will see them except the two drivers on either side. They are have about the same effectiveness as putting them on the inside of your trunk.