Magnetic Sign Success...

I’ve been driving around Austin with Bright Orange “Adam Buys Houses” magnetic signs on the side of my car for the last several months, now. Haven’t received hardly any calls from it.

Went to San Antonio last Sunday night, just for a get-away. I was only driving around/parked outside for about 12 of those 24 hours (parked mostly) and I got four calls from the magnetic signs.

Absolutely amazing.

It’s interesting how being in cities only 1 1/2 hours apart can produce such dramatic differences.

Anybody else notice this?

Just doing my part attempting to put sort of response to unanswered posts so folks don’t feel left out, :anon

I had magnetics for a couple of years before I went with the current vinyl gaudiness I have now (and like much better). What I noticed was that anytime I spent a good deal of time out of my “normal” driving areas was that calls increased. In other words it wasn’t just different cities, which also held true, but different areas.

When we had lunch yesterday, I was thinking to myself, “Damn! That’s an Ugly Truck!”

You need to call one of those, “We Buy Ugly Trucks” guys. :wink:

How many calls a week do you get from the truck?

I probably get a call per week or so from the truck, but then I’m not out driving around much anymore. I imagine 90% of the curious ones go to the site instead and I can’t really measure that.

I have had magnetic signs on my vehicle for several months now. I have to drive to San Antonio twice a week for my JOB. When I first started driving down there with the signs on, I would get 1-2 calls each day. :banana Now that I have been driving that route for several months, I get maybe one call a week from them. :banghead I am about to change my signs. Let’s see if that increases the calls any.

By the way, I have to agree with Adam also. That is one UGLY truck. :oops: