Made my 1st deal last night!

I spoke with the owner of the home in forecloser. I smoked a cigerette becasue I was a littel nervous and by the time I was done, he had agreed. He says he wants to try to make one last effort or deal with wells fargo. If he cant, than he will sell to me. Hot Dog!!!House is due to sell on the 7th, is there enough time for him? He just started working again 2 months ago. :slight_smile:

what was the deal?


But, I wouldn’t spend the profits yet! Banks can be pretty forgiving. And, they can postpone the sale (depending on law) if they think they are gonna work it out. Hope it works in your favor!

Let us know.

Any word yet?

Well, I think the owner by be getting flakky. He hasnt contacted me yet, so I will be getting in touch with him today. He doesnt stay in the house anylonger due to his job. But I have his cell number. I have the contract in hand and want to get going. The auction is only 10 days away now, so he has to make up his mind and sign the contract.