Luxury properties in Dubai

Hello every one. I’m a real estate broker/agent and new to this forum.
I have many luxury properties in Dubai, UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon from Villas,Hotel apartments,Commercial units (offices, retail shops,restaurants),Town Houses,Serviced & Unserviced Apartments.

Can some one advice me how to better use this forum so as to make my first deal?


Since advertising is not allowed in these forums your basically telling us what you do for a living and that you look forward to your first investment deal? Are you a fix & flipper? A wholesaler? Into Lease Options? Sandwich Leases? Foreclosures? Bird Dogging? Tax Sales? Financing? Hard money lending? Land Lording? Commercial Property? Land Speculation? Subject to?

Welcome to REI Club! Were looking forward to helping you through your first deal!