Luxury home market

Is there anyone here that has some solid experience in dealing in the high end luxury home market I would certainly like to know any info that you wish to share that may be of some help. I have already found a couple of websites that list properties. Any advice on dealing with sellers, auction companies, drawing up contracts, and personal financial investment would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for all information.

Donald Trump did fairly well in high-end stuff between and after bankruptcies, but he started with a bundle his father earned in real estate. Without a family background in real estate, I suggest you read a lot and start with working-class rentals/resales. There’s a great profit potential and a pretty good market demand.
Good luck,

Just remember what goes down the fastest in a down market. Luxary and High End.

The one question I have is what are you looking to do with these houses after you buy them. high end tenants are great if you find the right one on the other hand flips take longer.