Luxury Home investors in California


Can anyone direct me to where I can locate luxury home investors in California or nationwide?



Luxury homes are very much a nich market as only maybe 1 or 2 in 100 investors have deep enough pockets to buy properties in the $1m plus range and remodel, carry and effectively market to make a quick sale and reasonable profit!

What is your angle in these deals, your obviously not a luxury home investor as you would not ask about your competition?


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I know a several homeowners that are motivated to sell their luxury homes. I told them I would see what I could do to to help them. These aren’t people I went out searching for, these are people who I know.


In order to make a profit and have ability to carry cost's on a $1m plus property I need to buy that property in pristine updated move in ready condition at a 40 to 45% discount!

So my question would be do you think any of these friends are prepared to sell thier homes for $0.55 cents on the dollar?
(One million dollar home for five hundred fifty thousand dollars???)

This is the only way investors that buy million dollar plus homes can do it, and if it needs any repairs, rehab or remodel that number is subtracted from the investor discount, so someone could be selling for 35 cents on a dollar on a million dollar home needing $200k in remodeling!