Luxury Home deal

I am a real estate broker looking for someone to steal a 6,000 square foot, $1.95 million property near Austin, TX (Georgetown) The owner is the builder who just wants to walk away from the deal. Can be bought at 85%.

Any tips on how best to market something like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck moving something that expensive in a crappy market. Luxury homes are the hardest hit in markets like these…

Amazingly, it’s not a crappy market for anything under $500K. The upper tier market is being strained because most buyers are from crappy markets moving here.

My guy really needs to dump it. Maybe an auction…

:cool HEY HEY open to this i hope as it will make it move faster !!!

OFFER owner finance with 5 % down and a hell of a contract that would a allow the lower priced shopper to get into the home

THE flip side is this get it all set -up as a simultaneous closing you seller will have his money in less than three weeks from time of contract to close !!! AND all will be happy need more information ??? :beer

I’m just West of Georgetown and FYI Rich_In_CT, this is NOT a crappy market in central TX. My marketing suggestion for this price home would be to hold an auction. Put in all the bells and whistles. You also need to find a GOOD auctioneer. There are some really nice properties in Georgetown and it is definitely a growing, upscale community as it develops.