low scores need lender

Need lender that can do 100% at 550

what state are you in

Shouldn’t be a problem…

I am in the state of florida but also interested in georgia market as well

MILA used to do a 100% full doc at 560, but I have never heard of a 100% LTV at 550.

FCM will do a 100 LTV/Full Doc @ a MID FICO of 520 and 95 LTV/Full Doc @ 500 Mid FICO…

Thank you for the tip. Who is FCM?

First Consolidated Mortgage and Invest Aid will both do it, but seriously…would you want a 100% mortgage at 12-14% and pay ridiculous fees for it? I would suggest cleaning the credit up for at least a month or two and then moving forward.

If you are buying a primary residence, can go full doc on your income, have a motivated seller, and depending on why your credit score is so low, FHA might work. However, it is a slim chance.

Who and what is MILA?
I need a lender that can do 100% on a 578 c. score?

  1. low credit most of the time means going hard money??

You never did say who or what MILA is?

i know a few lenders

MILA is a non-prime wholesale lender.

Ihave never heard of them.