Was looking to see if any one knows of a good low to no doc bridge loan company that works nationwide ?

All of the ones I knew of have gone out of business over the past 12 months.

The few that are still in business have stricter requirements now and usually require more documentation than they did in the past.

The only true low doc/no doc type loans I am aware of are those offered by private lenders which are secured against stocks, bonds and other securities that you may own. In the case of my lenders that offer these types of loans it is simply a matter of providing information (account statement) of the securities that you wish to pledge as collateral so that they can determine the terms they are willing to offer.

These types of programs also do not typically have credit score, income or other credit qualifications because they are based on the collateral being provided.

there are no doc no credit options but this requires money into the transactions…usually 12-20%.