Low income owner financing

I mentioned in another post that there are some houses in low income areas of Baton Rouge that can be bought for anywhere between 15k-50k… tons of them. I considered buying one at a time for cash and putting them on section 8.

I was wondering if anybody had experience in offering owner financing in these types of neighborhoods. Seems like it would be easier to find decent people who will take care of the house and make their payments on time if they were buying instead of renting.

What do you think?

truly speaking it is a work which should be done with patience. you will not find all people you are dealing with will be decent and pay your money on time. i think you should firstly check the all aspects before diving in to this field.

We have a lot of lot income areas & Section 8 here in Alabama.

You may want to check out our site: http://www.LeasePurchaseMadeEasy.com

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Good Luck