Low End Rental Countertop Suggestions

I am curious to hear from the experienced landlord here.

What type of countertop would you recommend for replacing a poor condition countertop in a lower end rental?

I replaced the countertops in our apartments with the standard formica countertops. You can buy them in different lengths and also with 45 degree cuts so you can do a wrap around a corner. They’re about $50-60 for 8’ lengths. Very easy to work with, cheap, and make a big difference over older counters. I’ve been using a sandstone color that is neutral and looks nice.

Home Depot/Lowes/Etc… have great prefab countertops like he was saying. They are pretty easy to cut too. I just taped off the section I was going to cut so it wouldn’t splinter and just used a reciprocating saw. I replaced about 7’ worth of counter tops for $70

Yep. When we cut the counters, we use a pencil to make a thick dark line to cut. Then we place either masking or painter’s tape over the top of the line. You’ll still be able to see the line and it will keep your saw from making any unwanted marks on the good part of the counter you’re saving. Here’s a tip for cutting the hole for the sink. Do the line with tape, but also remove one of your cabinet handles. Then drill a couple holes in the area that will be cut out for the sink and attach the handle. This will give you or someone helping you something to hold on to while you’re cutting the hole. This eliminates the chance that portion will try to fall out and chip your counter when you’re about done cutting the hole.

Apply cheap tile, but nice tile with liquid nails over the counters. Yes I said liquid nails. If you don’t believe me do a test and glue one down on any surface over night and then try to remove it. It holds better than thinset. I removed thinset tiles much easier than the liqued nails once when I had to remove some tile to accomodate a dishwasher. Cut it with a simple tile cutter for under $40 at HD or Lowes. Grout it and your done. It takes about 1 day and looks better and is much more durable than formica. Cut 2" pieces for the edges. Adds value also.

You can do it for under a few hundred dollars on any kitchen.

What if you guys had a counter with a chip in it (1-2" big)?

Can you patch it, and then paint it with a special paint?