Low Credit Score

Hi all,

Realistically, what are my chances of getting 100% financing with a low credit score. Credit score is 575.


You can’t get a 100% NOO loan from a traditional lender with a 575 credit score. You can find some HML that will finance a 100% loan for you, but you will need to find a deal that looks like the example below.

100,000 purchase
20,000 rehab money
6,500 closing costs

126,500 Total Loan amount.

200,000 ARV (Its value after repairs are complete).

Aside from taking the ARV based lending approach that Iron pointed out, there are other ways to 100% with that score.

If you can enlist seller participation (get them to agree to a seller 2nd), you could configure a 90/10 combo (90% Lender 1st +10% Seller 2nd).


Scott Miller

Good Morning,
It is possible ,although thruogh traditional financing it will be near futile. I purchased three homes this month, 2 with no money,and one sub2 taking over payments and paying closing costs. The other 2 were tied up with contracts then assigned at closing.
Hope this helps, Darin

Thank you for the replies. They were very helpful.