Lou Castillo, what do you think, and which materials should I start with?

He offers various things…one is a monthly newsletter and cd, other packages of books and cds. I am a complete newbie, so if he is OK I’d like the best, most complete package. (and cheapest!)

Anyone have experience with him? Thanks in advance.

no experience with him.

check out

johntreed.com - he’s a self proclaimed critic of all the other guru’s. (i have no affiliation whatsoever).

i started at the library and took out free stuff and had a friend of mine loan me carleton sheets cd’s, dvd’s and booklets. read them all, listened and watched everything…and got my real estate license, bought some land CASH and flipped one property for 86k profit with a partner and own a few websites.

i used none of the CS stuff, but it certainly gave me a jump start toward learning the business - also what it did for me was helped me realize that not every person who has a business card or sign that reads “I buy houses Cash” is actually a competent real estate investor.

if you buy some programs, check out ebay too.

Lou and Mark Evans send me about 3 emails a day each. Ridiculous!

I bought 12 Carlton Sheets cds and 3 of his videos on ebay all for less than $15 total. I’ll probably sell them at my REI club after I’m done with them. You may want to start there.