Lots of FSBO's, great birddogging ops... but where to start

I am very new to this. I have enrolled in a program with mentors, but I’m still stuck as to where to start. I have no money to start investing with. I just filed for bankruptcy.

There are a whole lot of FSBO’s where I live (central NJ), in good and bad neighborhoods. Driving around every day, I see at least 10 (sometimes many more than that). I am looking to bird dog and see what I can do with these FSBO’s to start building cash flow. but I have NO idea where to start, what to say or anything. I’m not shy; that’s not the issue. On the contrary, I am very good at talking to people and finding out information.

I need some ideas as to how to go about this whole thing and turning these FSBO’s into cash flow. What do I do with the information that I gather?

Thanks all.

Call the FSBO’s & find out WHY they’re selling. If they are a motivated seller, e.g., facing foreclosure, delinquent taxes, etc., then that’s something you can bird dog.

I’d like more advice on this topic as well. There is a definate stubborn mentality with these people. The ones I’ve picked out are pretty “motivated” to sell. I’ve been working with FSBO for a few weeks. Most I have found 1) are selling their property well over value 2) think their rehab needed home is worth the value 3) they won’t use our contract

IT’s been frustrating - what am I doing wrong and how should I maybe approach these people in the future

When I’ve called FSBO’s, I’ve said positive things about their neighborhood like: “It’s a pretty nice area. Why are you selling?” Then usually they just tell me.