lost the topic

I am probably going crazy! I have lost my topic and can’t find it.
I thought I posted it here, in the beginners…
Tryed to find it through search and could not…
I was asking about forclosure as is. I could not get finansing unless they fix the roof, they are not going to do it because it is as is. Could you please advise me what would you do?
I was going to offer them to fix the roof myself, but my RE agent said that they won’t do it.
The house in a good neighborhood and could make a good profit
What would you do?

Would appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot!

Depends on how good of a deal it truley is!! If it is say 30% below value I would raise the price by say 5% and the ask for a roof allowance! It all depends on the deal sorry for the vague answer! But hope it helps

ask for a roof allowance!

sorry, what does it mean roof allowance? Sorry, if I ask a silly question :slight_smile:

money to get the roof done back at closing

thank you so much!