Lost Property

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum because i am having a dilemma. I lost my property and now i need to try and buy it back, my only problem is that i cant find a website with the information i need about, where to go, the date, the start price ect. to find out how i can buy this. I am in michigan, if anyone can tell me where i can find the information i need, for free preferrably, it would greatly appreciated. Thank You Very Much. I believe the auction is this week so i need help FAST.

When you say you lost your property do you mean it has already gone to thru the forclosure sale? Or do you mean it is going to be sold at the auction. You should be able to call your lender and find out what the sale date is and when the redemption period is up.
Good Luck and if you need help send me an email.

Ramona is right. Cut to the chase and call your lender. Your Lender will have all the pertinent info or can get you in touch with someone who does

You’re not going to find this information on a website. Check your mail. If the auction is in a week, the law specfically requires that you have been given notice multiple times with contact information for the local attorney who is handling the foreclosure, amount to payoff, etc. If this is where you are in the foreclosure process, the attorney would accept the payment from you. If you can’t find that mail or have thrown it in the old circular file, then call the lender and they may tell you who to contact.

If the auction has already happened and you are at the end of the redemption period (usually 6 months in Michigan for an occupied house) you really need to act fast to get that payoff. Last time I bought one of these properties out of the redemption period, the title company got the payoff from the sheriff’s department that conducted the auction, I think. It took a few days and the instructions were very specific about extra fees to be added in, what format the payment had to be in, what time and day it had to be in by, etc.

And by the way, whatever you owed when you started getting behind has greatly increased now, with late penalties, interest, attorney fees, etc.

Email me if I can be of any further help. Good luck!