Lost my deal to a realtor

I had a deal lined up I was going to birdog to a investor for around 2k.
Before I sent the investor the file on the property I saw a realtor sign out of the house. I left a message with the seller and have yet to talk to him again.

The lesson I learned was get an option to buy signed to tie it up next time.

Always tough learning lessons like that but you don’t quickly forget them.

Studies show that 80% of sellers list their house with the first agent who contacts them. As an investor, you have to beat agents to the punch. Some just trust agents more since we’re licensed, but we all have to move quickly in this business.

Generally if there is a realtor sign in the yard then the home is already under contract with the realtor.

Eric Medemar

The sign came after I had talked to the guy. I think his wife did it. (divorcing)

When you go to look at a deal ALWAYS take your contracts and get them signed up right then and there.

If it helps, agents lose their deals to investors sometimes too. :smile