Loss Newbie-Real Estate Invest. Company

Hello everyone

I am a graduate student in a entreprenership class and me and my group will be creating a business plan for a real estate investment firm. We are just beginning and for a start-up we would like to focus on one thing. We discuss rehabbing, section 8, and selling. Does anybody have any good ideas as to where we should start, what to research, and where to look for information (besides this site).

This is something I am truely passionate about and beyond this class would like to go after. The only issue it that I reside in Detroit, MI, the worst place right now for this market. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can succeed in the horrible Detroit market.

Buy, hold, rent.

Just buy right. That area has decent values, just quite an economic depression in Michigan. If I were you, I would consider staying out of the big city and maybe hitting up a area like Pontiac for rentals. Just my opinion though.