Loss Mitigator will not return my calls.

I have submitted a short sale package to Wamu and after faxing 53 pages twice I finally had to overnight it with a signed delivery.
Now it shows it the system that the “application” was denied.
My first problem is that the loss mitigator that was assigned to this case will not return my calls and her voice mail will not accept anymore voice mails in the system. I called back yesterday and asked another rep to email the assigned rep and ask her to call me back and still nothing.
First of all when I call in they are saying that it looks like the application was denied. But what I think was denied was the “Modification” request that my seller sent in trying to get wamu to lower there payments and put the seller on a pay back plan for the shortage.
How do I know which is true. The Modification Request or the SS.
I have never had someone not call me back like that.

Any Ideas? ( where’s prodempsey when you need him) :slight_smile:

Have you tried moving up the supervisory chain. If I cannot get in contact with the individual that I am directed to speak with after 48 hours, then I start calling his/her supervisor. If that doesn’t work I go up to the next level.

I have found that you need to create a sense of urgency in people or they just blow you off.

Thanks MDhaas,
I will give it a try tomorrow.

I had the same problem with Washington Mutual migtigator. I called her Manager and suddenly received a call back the same day.