Loss Mitigation Insitute

There was an advertisement on this REI website sometime ago regarding the Loss Mitigation Insitute. I looked into it and I’m still undecided. Oftentimes, I feel like a predator by going after pre-foreclosures and thought by this may be an ethical alternative. What are your thoughts?

Also, do you know of any other loss mitigation programs out there? Thanks.


I also am wondering about the Loss Mitigation Institute and am curious as to why you have not had any replies. Has anyone contacted you and if so what is the consenses as to the value of the training.



I don’t have experience with Loss Mitigation Institute, but, you may want to check out U S HomeSavers as well. The site for the consumer is www.ushomesavers.com and for the investor www.ushomesavers.net .

I have been doing work with them for about a year now and have been very impressed with the honesty and ethics they have.


Thanks! I’ll check it out.