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hi is any one doing loos mitigation with a good companie,ef so what is the name of the company and is that posible for normal person to start this?to make money

I saw this posting today, I am an attorney, and I have investigated all the loss mitigation companies and how they started and found out most of them do not have enough or any loss mitigation experience, they just sell the opportunity, and many form conflicts of interest issues that prevented me and other attorneys and legitimate professionals from joining, but there is a company called American Loss Mitigation Consortium, that is run by a 21 year old veteran of loss mitigation that is very good.

I did my due diligence and found out that most all of these other companies have some sort of direct or indirect connection with this man (Dan Schultz). He still run a private practice and trains counselors throughout the US. I know personally he as testified as a professional witness on a number of occasions for the Justice Department and the Secret Service, on VA related issues against many of these so called loss mitigation institutes that popped up in the last 3 years and have created a bad name for the loss mitigation profession.

Take it from me this is a very serious business and getting the best training is a must. I would highly recommend, and I have also joined up with him. I have had a great year in loss mitigation, joined about a year ago. There is a program deposit I paid of $450, but it was refunded after I completed my 4th case, and I get free support, web site, hosting continuing education by the government and no recurring fees and they have a real lead system, no cold calling. This company is straight forward, very ethical, is the real deal. Good luck to all, their web site is www.amlmc.com.


Did you set up this question so that you could answer it to promote your site (using a 95% cut-and-paste answer)?

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hi this is mario21 and you are right shis using deferent names,this is not him i realy need to now ef is money to be make with loss mitigation

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What’s up! Are you Daniel or Jack. Or, maybe it’s just the Jack Daniel.

I am sorry to all, if the two postings were confusing, but Jack is a partner in my office and I had an auto responder for several topics, and he responded, with a previous message I had posted, he did not mean any harm.

If anyone is considering loss mitigation as a vehicle to operating a successful business, it has worked for me and I thought I would pass on the information. The company I signed up with is American Loss Mitigation Consortium, they can be found at www.lossmitigationopportunities.com, but I was more interested in the man behind the company, Mr. Dan Schultz. I did my home work; he has been practicing for many years and trained many individuals whom, like I wanted to be part of legitimate company. So it really came down to the fact, do I want to be educated in loss mitigation by his students or by a leader in loss mitigation. I found it simple and have had a successful past year. Good luck to all:)