Loss Mit

Hi, New to the this community!!

How do I find a phone number, email address, website or address to Countywide Home Loans Loss Mit department?

I’m trying to do a short payoff and the legal consul here in chicago refuses to present my offer to Countrywide.

I want to bypass them and submit directly. Any sugg or info will do.


Here’s all the numbers I have for CountryWide:

General Number: 800-669-6607

Fax # to send Authorization to: (Attn: Work Out Dept) 805-306-7094

Direct Line once Auth. is submitted: 877-744-7691

Hope this helps!!! Good Luck!! :slight_smile:


I called the general 800 number and was on the phone for a 1/2 hour getting put on hold, trying to explain what I’m trying to do. After 1/2 hour that kind lady replied "Sir I think I have a dept and phone number for you—then my cell phone drop the call!

Anyway my group is trying to purchase the defaulted paper. We think we can get a better deal on this particular parcel of land.

To make a long story longer the foreclosing legal consul is refusing to forward our offer on to countrywide. So I’m going around them!!

Thanks for the info

Yeah they are pretty difficult to work with on the phone!! I always try to ask for direct extensions but they never give them to me!! I had some similar experiences with them on the phone & with them putting me on hold & everything! Thats why I was so eager to give you the little bit of information that I had gotten from them, because I know they aren’t the easiest to deal with!!! GOOD LUCK with everything!

I have the same situation where I want to buy the paper on a property. Did you manage to get any where with it. Do you have any pointers you could share with getting thru to these people at CountryWide? Thanks in advance.

No Luck so far. Legal consul for countrywide wrote me a form letter saying their client is not interested in selling their paper.

I have a lot of upside and very little downside in continuing to pursue this deal.

I still have options. The second mortgage holder has been granted relief from stay. (homeowner filed BK). First mortgage holder, countrywide is slow to get info. I’m just waiting for their info flow to catch up. When countrywide learns that they can pursue auction again, I believe they will deal with me.

I never liked chess when I was a kid, but I’m loving this chess match I’m in now.

The stakes are 30k front end and about a small percentage of 1MM on the back end.