Loosing my agent/MLS access

What is the best way to find agents? What do you tell them to show the mutually beneficial advantage?

As an agent, I could say it is talk to your friends, relatives, or just anybody and hear from them about some good agent that did a good thing for them. This is a best reward for the agent and best reference for you.
About “mutually beneficial advantage” I am not quite sure, what do you mean? Don’t say anything just pointed out that you were recommended to use him/her. Of course, if you will follow first part of my explanation how to find an agent:)

Sorry, I had to chuckle…

“Loose” means ‘not tight’ or of ‘low morals’ (like a loose woman) and, though I know a lot of “loose” agents, I think you mean that you are “losing” your agent!



Everyone is a critic!!! :anon

Get your own license and you won’t lose your access. I was asked by someone I knew for long time for my access to the MLS and I refused to give it to them. Newer agents might do it if you pay their MLS fees for example.

If I had a license I wouldn’t give out my access even for a fee, too risky for me. I’d hate to lose my access because of someone else.

Become friends with an Agent. I use a couple of agents - they give me comps. I’m always trying to get them referrals. Even you your referral calls the Agent but doesn’t use them, then at least the agent knows you made a concerted effort to get them business.