Looks like you're all on video!

Take the discussions on this forum and turn it into a video, and this is what you’ll get.


How many of you are in this video? Let’s put some names to some faces:

hoosier @ 1:35 ? :cool
sellbama @ 7:00 ? :cool

who else?

This video is a SAD reality of our world. One word comes to mind: SHEEPLE. No one seems to know what the they’re doing out there. Everyone just wants to blame Obama!

I was actually in favor of these tea parties… but not when it’s like this!

NJ bird,

I went to 2 tea parties here locally,and almost everyone there knew why they were protesting.Since your so handy in searching youtube,look at the skit done by howard stern before the election where he asked obama voters what policies they supported(which were Mccain’s he mentioned) if you really want to define sheeple.Or the next time you see an obama sticker still on a car ask them about a current policy.

I don’t support obama’s policy at all,but this is alot bigger than obama.If you can’t wrap your head around the corruption is the main topic,maybe you should do more research.The next peabrain idea you’ll have is to call me a racist :rolleyes

I know our constitution front 2 back,and our ELECTED officials are sworn to uphold it is one of the main issues.Maybe if you checked into the facts,you’d know this already.

NJ, I got a HUGE laugh out of the part where you said it was me. Nice job on making me laugh. lolz.

If you want my opinion though, I agree with the guy at 3:06. :slight_smile:

Btw, I would LOVE that Liberal commentator to have a interview with me. He thinks hes so smart… hes saying common sense things, and picking out the idiots out of the crowd to make us all look dumb.

I will say… Ill take a dumb Conservative (like those shown on the video) over a “intelligent” Liberal (if there is such a thing)

But yes, I agree with everything Bama just said.

I’m aware that most of the population isn’t politically inclined, which is the reason why the presidency is won by electoral votes and not popular votes… but you know this already.

And of course I’ll call you a racist, not sure if it’s against black people, but are you okay with the name HUSSEIN? Or does Obama have terrorist connections or follow the evil, evil, religion of 1.5 billion people on this planet, who are human beings that want nothing more than to live peacefully. Oh but wait, they have the nerve to fight back when we go into their homes and kill their family members in cold-blood. Some nerve they have, they should shut up and accept it!

My problem with people that are so anti-Obama, is that you all act like he’s blatantly ruining this country. It’s not him that’s ruining this country. It’s the people that will never allow RON PAUL to get elected or receive the media attention that he deserves. WHY? If Ron Paul was elected, do you think he’d be able to uphold the constitution? How long before he dies in a plane crash?

I’d rather see tea-parties to end the federal reserve or stop the NWO or re-investigate 9/11 or expose the shadow government or WAKE UP AMERICA, OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN HIJACKED LONG AGO or civil disobedience, or any similar topic that BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER. But that’s just my opinion.

Go and watch the movie MATRIX part 1. We live in a Matrix. In this Matrix we have a president. Some like him, some don’t. Who cares. Bottom line is, we’re still in this Matrix, still being controlled, and still being divided with all this political nonsense. In the movie, they don’t try to take down the president in the Matrix, they revolt against the entire Matrix itself.

I wanna see posters with this written on them:
“I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”


You missed my sign! It says “Clinging to God and Guns” on one side, and “Let’s Take Our Country Back” on the other.

That You-Tube video was a good sample of the issues the tea party participants are concerned about. It’s certainly not all about one issue, it’s about a variety of issues - ALL OF WHICH HAVE TO DO WITH OBAMA DESTROYING THE COUNTRY! I like the guy in the video who said that communism, socialism, and fascism were all similar. The guy making the video said that was true if you didn’t actually understand the definition of these terms. LOL!!! The interviewer was the idiot. Not many people would argue that the Nazis were fascists and yet the very term NAZI comes from the German words for National Socialism. Likewise, not many would argue that the old Soviet Union was communist, yet they called themselves the USSR (socialists). The practical application of communism, socialism, and fascism is that they are hopelessly intertwined.

The bottom line from the tea parties is that Obama has filled his administration with overt socialists and communists who are intent on destroying our way of life. He is successfully nationalizing the private sector at an astounding pace. Nationalizing the health care industry is another major step in that process.


I’d support Ron Paul or his son.But our broken two party system won’t allow anyone like or close to an independent win.As for Mr.Obama’s middle name being muslim,You may wamt to point that finger his own way.His family in kenye have been begging for help since 04,they even seen and addressed him on the struggles.He gave them not one penny,only advice on how to get help from the US embassy.I personally am more concerned on the record breaking sum of money that he did’nt disclose came from.And how do you oddly aquire millions under $200 donations?

If you have’nt already I suggest you give Glenn beck some listening time.Like me,tells of a corrupt system by both parties.He also warns people how small minded obama signs at a protest can get the overall movement ignored(as if the mainstream media would cover it eitherway).

This is what the tea parties are about to me and not obama.If it was as simple as obama the media would be right in their coverage of the "racists at tea parties"which is as stupid as the person holding the “racist” sign.

The world envys this country and alot hate us for simply being the best.This will always be what we have to defend.But being the world’s police has cost us dearly,we need to simply defend our country that’s enough of a fight.The middle east has been in religion wars for decades,now we’re in one in their eyes. I 110% agree with your “mad as hell” sign, I seen a few at the first tea party I went.The main objective is to get people out of their houses doing nothing and stand up for the real problems==Big Government=Big Corruption.


“My problem with people that are so anti-Obama, is that you all act like he’s blatantly ruining this country”

Whether he’s blatantly doing it or not, if he is ruining the this country, that is not a good thing…

BECAUSE people recognize the two parties are corruptable, they instinctively KNOW what is going on is a BAD THING… and people are NOT happy with it… or to put it another way - they are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore… the difference is their signs tell why they are mad… the overwhelming MAJORITY of the signs were in opposition to the government CONTROLLING everything from cradle to grave at a VERY HIGH cost monetarily AND the personal liberty…

The MORE you let the government CONTROL things the LESS free you are, and the LESS chance you have to remove their influence from your life… It is SO ludicrous that the government has now put CONTROLS on GARAGE-SALES!!!


So, to make $100-$300 bucks, people are going to have to RESEARCH everything they are selling to make it sure it is not on a government watch list, if not, you are FINED (never mind the lunacy in policing it)… My neighbor is having a garage sale today… I wonder how many things she looked up… :rolleyes


As usual, excellent points…


We hear this phrase alot from both sides, but what this phrase really boils down to is FREEDOM from government… The more you let the government take from you or others to “help” you, the MORE you are enslaved to how THEY want YOU to live… and people are not only OK with this (althoug still a minority, but growing), you have people INVITING the government to do so… :banghead

So while our HISTORY is being re-written to say we are a democracy (we are not a democracy, we are a Representative Republic), our treasure is TAKEN by the government to pay not only for their ill-concevied programs full of waste, fraud and abuse, taking the decision of what we use our money for, but also there FAT salaries, pensions, healthcare, etc… Instead of calling for their political HEADS, more and more are lining up for a handout from the government… GIVING them MORE control and power… :banghead

This is NOT how our country was founded, nor is it what we stand for… LET’S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!!

After the constituational convention, when asked of Ben Franklin what form of government was created, he said - “A republic, if you can keep it” - indeed

And people say it is an overstatement that we are LOSING our country… it really is an understatement, as the argument can be made that we have already LOST our country… getting it BACK will be the struggle…

I don’t know the details of Obama’s personal family life, and whether I believe he helps them or not, I think is irrelevant. I was referring to the fact that I’ve heard many times on this forum that he’s a Muslim and has ulterior motives or beliefs because of it, which is just silly.

As for gaining millions with small contributions, that’s a good question. We know Obama had A LOT of support from the younger crowd, which definitely did fuel his campaign. But, let’s back track and remember who’s really in charge:

This original article is no longer available:

But I found a copy on a random forum:

I wanna point out only one thing in the article:
Don Larsen, a Springville delegate…warning delegates that an “invisible government” comprised of left-wing foundations was pumping money into the Democratic Party to push for looser immigration laws and anti-family legislation.

I posted this article for only one reason: INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT. I’m not trying to bring religion into this discussion. The man makes a good point, that’s all. This invisible government calls the shots, and funding is not an issue when they decide who our next president will be.

Also, it’s easy to say the middle east has been in religious wars. What do you think our wars are based on? Oil? Power? Homeland Security? Is that all? How deep does the rabbit hole really go…

I’ll allude back to the Matrix. We’re born into this Matrix where the middle east has had religious wars for the decades that some of us have been alive. We’ve accepted it as part of life, just like we’ve accepted that parts of Africa, rich in it’s natural resources, are always associated with famine, genocide, and millions dying.

I’m not big on TV but I will take your suggestion to hear some views from Glenn Beck, I know he’s been in the spotlight for his views on this topic.

I read that and took note of the highlight you pointed out.I think we can agree that an attack on the freedoms as we know them is in motion.Who knows who the puppetmasters are,or if their intrests are even in line with each other.I just think it’s worth its successful effort to let washington know that we ALL are watching.We can agree that all this has been building for years.But I know washington can’t stand to have an audience,and this eventually will expose alot.Washington has been a thief in the night for far too long,now the gigantic spotlight is on and they HATE it.So all this "racist"or any other BS is just reassuring that they are VERY,VERY uncomfortable right now.

And I personally think it’s great for them to be as uncomfortable as possible.You’ll love glenn beck,a little goofy sometimes,but sooooo different from the right and left BS.That’s what america is starving for common sense without the usual BS blamegame.His skyrocket ratings prove alot.

I agree about Glenn Beck being awesome. You may not agree with his views, which is fine by him, but you have to love the way he is uncovering so many corrupt things in our government that nobody else is talking about.

Ive watched Beck since way back when he was on HLN, and ill admit, early on I watched him first and foremost because of his personality. But now, its really more about the substance of his show than his personality. Hes on a role.

I love the way the liberal media is banging their heads with Beck.They just can’t touch him with their normal mudslinging because he does’nt care and will tell you he’s a clown or whatever.I think it’s so far past their normal left/right thinking they’re like a deer in the headlights while his ratings grow.It’s soooo funny to see the ratings shoot up with every smear attempt too,kinda like how Obama mentioning Rush led him to gain another 10 million listeners.

They think if they tell the zombies not to listen to this or that they will,and the opposite happens which is human nature.You’d think they would already know this.Just like obama going on every network today but Fox,well as usual Fox kicks the piss out of all the others.If you want to convence someone are’nt you supposed to face the opposition and not preach to the choir.Whatta amateur,childish president.It’s gonna be a long 3 years at this pace,this is’nt Chicago politics Mr. President.