Looks like Great Britain's Universal Healthcare system isn't doing so well.

Came across a very interesting story the other day about the ills of the United Kingdom’s public healthcare system. It doesn’t look good for the Brits at all


UK Telegraph “Tens of thousands of National Health Service workers would be sacked, hospital units closed and patients denied treatments under secret plans for £20 billion of health cuts.”

Gee, I think I did recall saying that the only way control costs under a public system is the ration care, anyways.

UK Telegraph “The sick would be urged to stay at home and email doctors rather than visit surgeries, while procedures such as hip replacements could be scrapped.”

If doctors are too busy dealing with patients, how are they going to have time to read emails? Maybe Obama should tell Gordon Brown that those who need hip replacements “take a pain pill instead”.

UK Telegraph “The plans have emerged as health chiefs draw up emergency budgets that cast doubt on pledges by Gordon Brown to protect “front line services” in the NHS.”

Believing that a politician will look out for your best interest, MISTAKE NUMBER ONE. :banghead

UK Telegraph “Documents show that health chiefs are considering plans to begin sacking workers, cutting treatments and shutting wards across the country.”

I wonder has this kind of stuff happened under a private system? Cutting treatments is rationing and shutting shutting down wards is cutting access to the rationed care. Pitty, it looks like the British public healthcare system is coming apart at the seems. :flush

UK Telegraph “The proposals could lead to: "
10 per cent of NHS staff being sacked in some areas.
The loss of thousands of hospital beds.
A reduction in the number of ambulance call-outs.
Medical professionals being replaced by less qualified assistants.”

So to the supporters of Obamacare, I ask this question. How can you guarantee that is nightmare that is currently facing residents of Great Britain with their public medicine won’t wash up across the pond over here?