Looking to start out, Investment club in New York

I am 22, graduating college in a year, and will be looking to go into real estate. I have read a number of books, but I need to get a feel for what things are “really” like. I would like to find a helpful real estate investment club to join. Ideallly, I would also like to find an internship this summer. Any help would be much appreciatted!–Eric :slight_smile:

hey, im 25 and finally starting to learn about rie. i am also in ny(queens).
just like you i am not too sure what club to join. people tell me to join a club
and thats where i will learn the most. there is a club in manhattan and flushing
im thinking about contacting. since i dont know who they are i feel a little intimidatd.
i guess its easier to start with somebody than to try to do things all by myself.
good luck!!!

Hi Eric, I’m Allen from Flushing Queens.I have recently joined a REIC called the NYC Cashflow club, their website is nyccashflow.com. We hold meetings in Midtown Manhattan starting from 7pm for 2 to 21/2 hours every session. We are having a New Year party on Jan 21 and would like to invite you to come along. (Deatils at: http://www.nyccashflow.com/index.php?action=viewEvent&eventID=53)
Happy New Year Eric. :stuck_out_tongue: