Looking to Purchase Probate Lists

Does anyone know of a primary source for probate lists? I know they won’t be as accurate as courthouse research, but I’m not interested in doing the research.

It shouldn’t be impossible to find, since it should be a just be a list of addresses of properties where the owner has died.

Anyone got any ideas? :beer

Apparently I stumped everyone. That’s too bad, because I can tell you from experience that probates are the single highest quality lead source I’ve ever encountered.

We mailed executors along with all listed heirs (researched from courthouse). This would inevitably create quite a stir in the family as they all called to notify each other of the letter they received. Got a lot of great deals that way.

How about counties where you can research probates online. Anyone aware of any of those?

I would also like to know the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

It all depends on how your records are kept in your area. We pay a hefty amount for a list of probate in our area. It is generated quarterly

how much is the typical list?

is it cheaper just to pay the .25 cent per page to copy each court file? and do it yourself to make your own list? our court has open records.

Call your County Admin office to find out how you can find them. Where we live, there is an online county paper that we get all our probate leads from - our subscription runs about $100 per year. Our VA then types in all the leads into our online database for $1.50/hour.

The data is available for free in our local courthouses here. Its public record nearly everywhere I imagine. So call the clerk of court tomorrow and find out where to walk in. Smile and be friendly when you show up, and ask for help.

$1.50/HR Taking advantage of this person

No. This is the result of a bid.

I called the clerk of court for my city, but the lady was very vague and not really wanting to disclose information about the public records, where to go and view. When I go into view the public records, what should I tell them. Will they totally shut off to me if I tell them I am a real estate investor?

No. They are PUBLIC records…you are the public. They are a “matter of public record”. They cannot stop you from seeing them. It’s against the law.


Every area is different. That info is public record so there is a source or you can pay someone to generate the list. You could find out how others are getting the list in your areas. Do some web searches, make some calls down to public records and find out the best way. Remember, many people that you talk to will not be aware of the list so don’t give up with one NO, there is likely a list out there but you may have to pay for it or you may have to pay for it to be created.