Looking to know more about real estate investing.

Hi people, there is a question that I have and would like it to be answered. I have been thinking of real estate investing and I know that this is one of the better ways to indulge your money. But, there are still a few things related to real estate that need to be sorted out like how do the profits build up, what are the ways to go about this….and some more. Would you please help me to know more about real estate???

Sure…start reading. This site contains a world of knowledge to assist you in this endeavor.


I think that you need a total guide on real estate like from the A – Z. There are many online sources that can help you in this…but that should be well sorted. Real estate investing has many features to it like probate real estate which is a less – known but a real good way to make the cash roll. Its an effective way to put your money for the real value.

Nice try, weasy…don’t link to your website in the body of your messages. The Forum Rules delineate the way in which this can be done…please read tehm.


I agree ask away and someone here will answer the questions…

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Michael Quarles

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That excuse holds almost as much water as a sieve!


There is a massive amount of information surrounding Real Estate Investing on the web and a lot of it you can get right here on this site. You first need to decide what type of investing you are looking to do. Maybe you need to take a REI course or 2 to get your feet wet.

This site is awesome…spend lots of time here…read, learn, ask! Also, I used to spend hours at the public library…might want to try it.