Looking to get started in RE investing

I live on Long Island, N.Y and I’m looking to get started in RE investing. Can some people give me some recommendations as to what authors I should purchase from (Locke, Cook, LeGrand, etc.) There are so many out there to choose from and I want to buy something that worked well for somebody else. I would like to do either wholesaling or rehabbing. What programs do the experts recommend that I purchase? Any other advice would be helpful. Thanks

I would recommend ebook by Steve Maletos on Fast cash in foreclosures. It covers foreclosures investing from start to finish. check out site by johnreed.com for some of the real estate gurus that are not really so great. You will be surprised at some of those gurus may not exactly the gurus you thought they ought to be.


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I would take a look at Steve Cooks material if you are interested in wholesaling. Steve, projects himself as a very knoweldgeable investor and teacher.

John $Cash$ Locke

I would recommend John “Cash” Lockes and Ron Legrands Wholesale/Retail course to get you started. You then can start your career and do the following:

-Keep as rentals for long term appreciation

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