Looking to get into the foreclosures Any tips or books i should read

Iam looking to get into the forclosure part if investing and i was just wondering for thos who have done it is there anythign i should know . or what books i should read to better teach me of whats ahead…

any help would be greatly appriciated thank you

Thomas J. Lucier has a good book which will give you a general idea of how to proceed. He even has a good amount of very general forms to use. I can’t remember the title off hand but it can be found at any Barnes & Nobles or places like that. He’s got a pretty good website to with alot of free info.

The pre-foreclosure property investor’s kit by Thomas J lucier is the book your thinking of. Worth every penny I spent on it. I think i’ve read it 8 times now. The others are a little vague i’ve found.