Hello I am looking to flip Bulk REO Tapes …I have several contacts with banks and lenders that are willing to sale at extreme discounts in bulk ,but I am unsure on how to contract the deals also I need to find buyers that are willing to buy in the price range of 500k and up can anyone give me some good advice…?


Are you actually planning to be "At Risk" in selling these tapes as: Your in contract and your buying the pckage personally if you don't find an end buyer?

Or are you finding addresses as a group from a bank and acting as: A advertising and markerting tool collecting a fixed marketing fee from a bank? Or are you trying to mark up the price and sell directly to the end buyer?

Do you need a real estate agent or brokers license to do what you want to do in the state or states you will sell in and work in?

What is your investing experience? Your business experience? Your construction experience?

Are you actually going to analyze these tapes prior to offering to investors?

How much time do you have to make this work? To close the deal?

Is it really going to be a deal or are these banks going to use you to sell off thier dogs? ? ?

What is your personal liability selling these for another party? Are you the actual seller when you sell them?

Good luck,