Looking to buy investment property


I’m looking to buy investment property. I have heard alot about purchasing property with no money down and even walking away from the closing table with a check. Can someone please tell me how to go about doing this.

Start out reading all you can, and then read some more. There is so much information and various ways to Invest it is pretty much impossible to tell you everything with one answer. You can learn everything you need to know using this and other site like this, articles etc. for free. If you don’t understand something specific everyone on these sites are very helpful.

I think what you are refering to with no money down and walking away from the closing table is flipping/wholesaling. Do a search with these terms and get busy reading. There is a lot to learn!
Good Luck!

Using tradional bank financing, you can get into a property with nothing out of your pocket, 100% financing, but banks won’t allow you to walk away from closing with a check.

You said you’re looking to invest money, then you say you want to put nothing down and walk away with a check. Which is it?

You have a lot of research to do and you need to be specific as to what you are looking for and what is your purpose, i.e., long-term investment, quick cash, etc.

Here’s a link that may help: http://user148333.websitewizard.com/investors.html

Good luck.

You can do no-money down financing in the following fashion:

  1. Get a home equity line of credit against your primary residence.
  2. line up a lender that will do 100% financing (usually via a 80/20 combo mortgage)
  3. Make sure the lender allows the seller to provide up to 3% settlement help.

Regarding step #1, i.e. getting a line of credit, if you have substantial savings with a brokerage house, you might be able to borrow up to half your invested amounts and use these funds as a line of credit with your brokerage house collateral securing this line…