Looking for Wholesale Mentor in Columbus, Ohio

Hello, I have been studying wholesaling for over a year now, but I am having trouble finding the confidence to jump in there. I would really love to see this work at least once from start to finish and would love to find a mentor. Please let me know if anyone in this area would be interested!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record…do you attent your local REIA meetings? This is a great place to find who you are looking for.

I want to add, that not every location has a REIA meetings. People throw those words out like they are everywhere, and they arent.

For instance, I dont have any in my area, I would have to drive over 2 hours away, plus gas, food, and dues. I wish I could just drive 20 min away and there would be one but there isnt.

Actually, I lied. There is a “Landlording Investors Association” near me, but they host meetings with other landlords, and they dont cover things other than landlords. Im not interested in landlording. The sad thing is that Im right near my capital, and there is nothing near me :frowning:

im in the columbus area and dealing with the same thing but 2 head could be better than one. I would be interested in discussing with you.