Looking for Tedjr......where is he hiding?

I have a big beef with Ted on a couple of deals and trying to hunt him down.

Anyone been in contact with him lately?

I haven’t seen him around in months…did you try his contact numbers in his profile?


his home number is not working and he refuses to return my calls on his cell.

I am trying to give him one last chance to do the right thing.
I just left another message for him.

Try one of these numbers: http://sandiego.areaconnect.com/attorneys/

Thanks. I need a TX attorney. It involves fraud.

Any recommendations?

If it involves fraud and seeing that you are in San Diego and it seems he in TX isn’t that a good case to involve the feds with? The gov’t might have plenty of resources to help you.

Which branch?



Go to www.fbi.gov and look for your local office, there are a few offices per state.

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but if he’s an agent, you can talk to the local board or the Texas Real Estate Commission. I could have sworn he was an agent. If so, they can’t “disappear” for too long.

Been a couple days, how are you making out…any luck yet?

Thanks Dee, I will check the board to find out if he is an agent.

I am waiting for confirmation on the status on one of our deals before I move forward so I can nail this jerk properly.
Thanks for checking up Rich.