looking for someone with legal experience

was wondering if there is any fellow investors out there who understands commercial property laws well in the US? I wanted to run the purchase contract through someone to get an opinion before signing it.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you workin with a Realtor? If not, I may run it by a lawyer… If you’re not local, you could always goto superpages . com and look for a lawyer in the area you’re buying. Then give them a call and see if you can pay with a credit card and fax something over to him/her.
I’d do that, the cheapest insurance in the world is being prepared!!

Assuming the purchase is of commmercial collateral, straight-forward and non-contentious, from central London I can help you with a P&S, share purchase, or JV agreement(s) for U.S. property. If I can not I can refer you to U.S. based individuals who can.


I sure would not look save money on the services of a lawyer to vet the deal and/or documents. You get what you pay for especially pertains to free legal advice.