Looking for savvy mrtg broker/loan officer in St. Louis area!!!

I currently have two rental properties, but am looking to expand my business by buying pre-foreclosures. I need someone to help me attain non-seasoned loans, help me understand double closing situations, find investor friendly title company, etc. I just want to be prepared to go to someone who can help me close deals when I find the right one. Credit score is in 680-690 range. And I have documented income in mid 80s.

I can probably help you.

new to this website, but not to the business, in st louis
you don’t need a mortgage broker, lets talk! private investor in st louis

Hey Nathan,

I’m in St. Louis also. We actually spoke back in August through a mutual contact. How’ve ya been?

I wouldnt necessarily say that a investor doesnt need a mortgage broker. Maybe not to help find properties or structure contracts, but who would assist someone to get cash out with no seasoning. Even better yet, when someone has multiple properties who will help them find the lenders needed for additional financing.

There are a lot of options out there besides financing, such as lease option, assignments, and sub2 and those are terrific ways to acquire properties. However, a mortgage broker that specializes in investment properties can really be an addition to an investor’s team.

Take care!