Looking for REI club in Sioux Falls, SD

New to real estate investing, looking for club in or near Sioux Falls, SD. Looking to make some contacts in local market.

Here is a link on this site that might help ya!


What are you looking to do?

Wholesaling, Short sales, rehabbing, REI club doesn’t list any clubs for South Dakota, have had some info on these subjects just can’t find any contacts locally. I have asked realtors if they know of any clubs and no one knows of any thought I would ask the question on here. If anyone has any advice. Thanks in advance.

I just called a person that signed up on my site and he said the same thing. No clubs in the area… To be honest I find that the clubs just try to sell you courses. Sure you can network with people yet why? I personally get leads of people that are 60-90 days late on there mortgage not yet in default market to them and go on my own way. I don’t really market with anyone in the area anyway and I have been doing this for 16 years.

If you are really passionate about an REI Club in Sioux Falls, start one!! Place some ads on Craig’s List and the like and you will get attendees. You can call other Club Leaders in different cities to find a successful format.

Another possibility would be to check on www.meetup.com. There are many gatherings for R.E. Investor Groups…might even be one for your area. If not, that too would be a venue to begin your own.


I am from Sioux Falls orginially. They don’t have anything.

I have been trying to find a house to buy. If you have something I would be interested. I need a bird dog for me.