Looking for rehabbers

I’m looking for experienced rehabbers to perhaps give me a quote on how much this project is going to cost me. I need to replace the kitchen cabnets, facia Boards all around, Tile the kitchen floor, put in new carpets, and paint inside and outside. The whole house is about 1200 sq/ft. Any Ideas anyone.

This kind of job is local. It sounds like $4000 to $6000 here in Houston, in Boston that may be a $10000 to $20000 job. You need to find out what it would cost where you are. What I do is go to my local real estate investors club and usually they have people that advertise to the members. The contractors that advertise there are investor friendly. I would call 3 of them and have them make a bid. Those bids will tell you exactly how much is will cost to have that work done.

Depends on the quality of cabinets, size of the kitchen and where you are. In San Diego, I would say that you’re looking at $4000 for materials using Ikea wood cabinets for a 10x10. I always consider that as my starting point.

Yes its very hard for someone here on this board to give you a quote…get in your phone book and get some contractors out there…good luck!

I don,t know your area ,In kansas City, MO you are looking at around $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 I am a rehab contractor in KC and would answer any questions you might have.

A 1200 sq. ft. house? That job should not cost more than $10K, and I don’t think it matters where you are.

$5/sqft - tile installed including materials (tile,grout,spacers,thinset)

$1.80/sqft - carpet installed carpet and padding

$425/linear foot - cabinetry in kitchen installed including counter ,hardware and faucet

$.25 /sqft foot - interior paint ceiling walls and trim including paint ,1 coat (additional .25/sqft for prime and 2nd coat or .12/coat)

Facia board $2/linear foot installed ,ranch home

$.30 to $.45 /sqft Exterior paint including trim and paint,ranch style house (depending if stucco or wood slatted)

I see a realistic $20k job to have a contractor dothe work including everything you didnt mention ,new wall socket and switch covers door handles bath spruce up appliances. Presuming all the mechanicals ,electric, roof, plumbing ,windows are in good working order

The painting sq/ft calcs…
To calculate them are you multiplying the interior sq footage of the house or the sq footage of the paintable surfaces?

.25 /sq/ft of wall (do not take out window or door)
If you have a wall that is 10’ x 12’ with a door or window in it ;the total sq/paintable ft (for calculation purposes is ) still 120sqft , which = $30 just for that one wall.I added a little to my original post to help clearify also.

Ok, thanks.