Looking for recommendation for realtors to sell my Condo?

Hello Everyone,
I am looking to sell my 1 year new condo due to relocation requirements at work. I have thought about renting and that won’t work for me so I need to sell and move. I have never been involved in selling condos before as this was my first place and the individual that helped me during the pre-construction sales process is no longer in the city-

If you have lately had any dealings with a Real estate agent who impressed you with the service or would like to recommend someone that you know does a great job, please send the information my way Need some professional help with selling this place quickly.

Thank You

I guess it depends on where you are what realtor you will use. But this is how to find a Realtor. Find out what Realtor has sold the most condos in your part of town and use him or her.

Is it available ???

If your condo is in Illinois, I’ll buy it LOL. Best way to sell it is find local buyers, investors, realtors in your area or you can post it online in social media or real estate services such as Realtor.com and Trulia.