Looking for Private Money Lenders


I am looking for funding for 2 homes. One is in Babylon, NY, 5 bedroom 4,000 sq ft home on 1/2 acre. The other is in East Patchogue, NY, 3 bedromm, 1200 sq ft.
Both homes have a FMV of a minimum of 650K, new appraisals will be done. I am looking for 520K, and will provide both to secure the funds. This would be a first on both homes.

I am looking for interest only for 2 years with a balloon payment at end.

Open to any and all suggestions.

Thank You


There is a hard money lenders list in the right column of this website under "Investor Resources".


Thanks for this, I was searching the same and then seen the list by the help of this post.

Just make sure you give them there money back!!!

Hello Bill how are you today, hope good?
I saw your post looking for funding.

Is the deal still available for funding?
If yes, PM me and let’s discuss how to get your deal funded

Where’s the list you mentioned or is that an old list. Im looking for some in a few other states. Who’s good in Florida and TN

I just signed on as a member. Did you obtain the funding required?
If not PM me and I might be able to provide an option.

Hi my name is Brett Turner , I am looking for Funding $$ on New Mexico , Lot , and I will be moving there and Working there if need more Help with Fundeers can Help Out , please PM me , I,l get back to you on Monday ok ?

The Lot is = 25 $ Down ands 25 $ Month for 36 Months Guaranteed Deed , I plan on Working a Good Construction of a Portfolio on This lot , Pictures , and other Property Next Door Neighbores Aspects , and Views and House Plans and More Buildings