looking for pre-forclosed people?

when looking for people in pre-forclosure in tennessee, the court does not send out a notice of default, so what other document would i be able to look at to get the heads up on these people? thanks!

I found a great site where you can find a listing of pre-foreclosures called “RealtyTrac”.

Good luck!

What about defaultresearch.com

Have you closed any deals using defaultsearch.com? They look great, but there’s so many services out there that I like to see how many deals someone closes on average using the service.

Well… I just signed up. Locally I can get all of the LP data from the internet. The problem is actually looking up the addresses and phone numbers from the tax assessors office is a beotch. Especially if they are named JONES, SMITH, OR WILSON

So I am doing side by side spot checks on their data. So far it is good. Actually for $50 per month it is GREAT. I have no way of looking up phone numbers like they do.

From what I saw, it’s not available in Texas yet.