Looking for owner occupied HELOC with low loan to value in stable local market

I spent a year building my dream home overlooking Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. I have over $1.3 million in equity but find myself unable to obtain a HELOC due to the tight credit market and a fall off of business income. I’m looking for a $250,000 secured line of credit to payoff remaining contractors, credit cards and provide reserve funds. My credit score is good in the 700’s. My home was recently appraised for $2,500,000. For capital tax gain and other reasons it is my intention to live in this home for 2-3 years, then when the timing is better, sell it and down size to a house appropriate for me in retirement. You may go to www.heretofish.com to see many images of my home from my construction web page.


You may have better luck on a website like www.creditboards.com. This website is more for real estate investing.