Looking for other wholesalers

We are here to connect with other wholesalers. We love working together. We are specifically in the DFW, Austin and San Antonio markets at the time.

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Hello would like some help wholesaling. Very interested doing good on flips but not as knowledgable on wholesale. Please contact me.

Welcome Karry!

What type of help are you looking for?

Hi vennessa, I’m new to the wholesaling business and I’m working out of Bryan/College Station

Doing business jointly can lead to profits easily.

Hi, My husband and I are new to the wholesaling market. We would love to partner up with someone for our first few projects. We are very diligent in getting the leads, we just are needing a little help when we get them. Anyone interested in helping us out on our first flips?

I get a big kick out of helping newbie wholesalers. If you find some insane deals I’ll walk you thru them.
I’ll furnish the contracts and step by step instructions, even get the property sold and thru escrow for 50% of the profits. After a few deals you will know exactly how it’s done.
I still consider myself a newbie but I’ve done over 30 deals.
I’ve paid out over 35 Grand this year just to my bird dogs.
Send me a private message and I’ll get you going in the right direction.

Hello Randoskie!
My name is Mike and I am the Florida Region looking to do some wholesaling down here. I am working with a business partner and I are trying to find some investors and work our way up to being investors. Are you still looking for wholesalers? Or anyone you know might be interested. I have numerous Realtor contacts in a number of markets.

PM if interested.

hi everyone i’m new to the wholesaling can any one help me