looking for motivated investors in atlanta.

how would one go about finding motivated investors? all the ones i find are wanting to buy at 50% of fmv. then they request that it not need more than 15,000 in repairs. isnt this like having your cake and eating it too ? i mean who wouldnt want that type of deal ? but as ive found, those deals are really hard to come by, if at all.
these types dont seem to be to motivated. i may be wrong here, but if i am someone please explain.

hey there,

different investors have different prefrences

Im moving to atlanta to go to school and want to continue to be an investor. I really want to wholesale first to get capital up then start retailing. Im tryna make whatever I can, as long as I dont end up with a negative cashflow or losing money period.


What are you trying to get from these investors?

Are you trying to “Flip” a property to them?
Are you trying to “Bird Dog” for them?
Are you trying to find a Landlord among them?

You have to know your EXIT Strategy before pursuing any investor.


my exit strategy ?

EXIT Strategy:

The Final Part of the deal. It is when you have doen great get the Profits ;D, or have made a big mistake and take a loss :'(.

This was the problem for all the investors in the stock market, they didn’t know how or when to exit until it was too late. Know your EXIT Strategy first.