Looking for mortgage loans for Missouri rental homes

Hi guys, I’m new to this forum, but my business partner and I have been investing for a while. We started by buying, rehabbing, and selling, and then we bought and built. Now, since you can’t sell homes for a profit in a timely manner, we buy and rent.
We buy homes from $10K - $25K, typically, in SW Missouri, and rent them for $300-$450 a month. Taxes in MO are low, like $150-$500 a yr. Our property manager charges 10%. He does more than just manage, he also helps us buy, oversees initial rehab after purchase, and of course keeps our properties rented. We own 35 properties. Most are single family homes.
Buy a home for $15K, get $350 a month rent, and that cash flows pretty well, even after reasonable expenses.
We have a number of homes that we paid cash for. We know that hard-money lenders prefer short terms. But what about 15 yr term loans, which is what we’re looking for?

What resources have you tried? As you mentioned, HML’s are going to require a shorter term as they want a quick ROI. Due to loan type and size, your best bet will be the local lending institutions or maybe a Private Investor.

We’ve tried a lot of local community banks, some national banks, and mortgage brokers.

What part of MO? Springfield? I’m in St. Louis; most people who reference SW MO are usually talking about Springfield.

Our homes are north of Joplin, in towns along route 71. We’re west of Springfield.

You might consider using a good hard money lender to buy and rehab the homes. You then have up to a full year to refinance out of the hard money financing. This way you do not use any of your capital to buy and rehab the home and have plenty of time to refinance it for a longer term.

Check this out: recently, I received an outside email from a lender who had seen my post here and he says he has a silent partner. He can give me a 6%, 30 yr loan for $325,000. The lender, though, is not in the United States. He says silent partner wants a “security warrant” instead of real estate collateral, and it would somehow be attached to my equity line. The lender says his silent partner wants us to pay 20%, which the lender says he would fund to my account, so we wouldn’t pay anything.
Obviously, this sounds too good to be true and smells of scam. But has anyone else received an offer like this?
And if it’s a scam, what are they after?

I would be concerned with an “overseas” partner.