Looking for Mortgage Broker in NY State - Up to 100% Financing


I’m looking for a mortgage broker who can assist with financing on a property in NY state. My wife and I recently re-located to Toronto and have a Nevada LLC for the purpose of U.S. Real Estate Investing. We have good U.S. credit (mid 700’s) and have basically never been late on paying a bill - ever in the 6 years we lived state side.

We just had an offer accepted on a property and need to obtain financing ASAP. We’ve already been approved for 90% financing from a local lender in Buffalo but are looking for 95%-100% financing on this deal.

The property is a 4-unit that rents for $1800/month. It is fully rented with a purchase price of $85K. We’d love to find someone that we can work with long-term as we plan on purchasing a number of similar properties over the next year. If this is you, please let us know.


Yes we can do 100% financing on 4 units. Do you already have appraisal, Termite and title? Are you going full doc or stated?

Hi All,

I appreciate the responses from everyone who e-mailed me regarding this post. Our local lender has found a 100% financing option for this one so we have decided to go with her but I am keeping everyone’s contact info on file who replied and will certainly keep you all in mind for future purchases.

Thanks again,

I can also help—