Looking For Money Lender

Found foreclosure home could be a good real estate investment. Can probably purchase for $65,000 with closing costs included. Needs $15,000 in repairs. Could market for $110,000 to $120,000 after repair work. Need someone to loan not based on credit score. Live in small town in Ohio. Wanting to get into real estate investing but cannot find a lender to work with.


That deal is more than likely not strong enough for hard money lenders. You should look for deals with an ARV at or under 60%.

65% ARV is normal. You will need a minimum 620 FICO.

Even with a 70% arv lender that we could point you too, the #s dont work. As Patrick stated, you’re buying too high.

If your arv is the higher ($120,000) then you’ll be close and may need to bring $8k into closing or have the seller hold a small 2nd until you finish the property. These figures were estimating the firt 4 of 6 payments rolled into the loan so you didnt need to make them monthly.